1950-1953 Porsche 356 1100

1950-1953 Porsche 356 1100The very first Porsche 356 1100 was produced in 1950. Prior to the 356, Porsche was making cars by hand in a small town named Gmund in Austria. Its split windshield easily identifies the first generation of the 356. The entire body and chassis was made of steel. The most distinct characteristic of this special car was the rear placement of the engine, which Porsche has continued even today in its 911 series. The first generation 356 came with a modest 1100 CC engine. The legend is born.

1950-1953 Porsche 356 1100 Specifications Specs:

Engine Capacity: 1086 cc
Compression ratio: 7:1
Maximum Power: 40hp @ 4200rpm
Maximum Torque: 52 ft-lbs @ 2800rpm
Brakes: Front: 230x30mm drums; rear: 230x30mm drums
Suspension: Front: Double parallel arms with torsion bar springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar; Rear: Swing axles with torsion bar springs and telescopic dampers
Wheels & Tires: Front: 30Dx16 with 5.00/16 tires 30Dx16 with 5.00/16 tires
Length: 152″ inches
Width: 65″ inches
Weight: 1698 lbs
0-60 mph: 23.5 seconds

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