Porsche 911S Carrera– The Beginning 1966

1966 Porsche 911S CarreraThe 1966 Porsche 911S (S is for Super) Carrera was a car of firsts, not only for Porsche but also for production cars. The 911S was the first production car to have stock ventilated disk brakes and it was the first Porsche to have their easily identifiable Fuch wheels. For those younger Porsche enthusiast the Fuch wheel may not ring a bell, but for us older ones, it is what defined Porsche for decades.

The Porsche 911S upped the standard 130hp to a impressive 160hp. Although by todays standard this may seem insignificant, but for the mid 1960’s this was a premiere sports car. The new 911S was truly Super, as it was designated, with the over 20% power boost combined with its already unique handling characteristics (due to engine placement) started with many owners a love affair with the Porsche brand. The Porsche 911S, to many, set a benchmark to what was expected of all 911s going forward.

Today the 1966 911S is one of the most desirable models. The 2-liter flat (horizontally opposed) 6-cylinder engine installed in it is also one of the most desirable engines.

History tells us that this model was one of Porsche 911 Carrera’s first big home runs, which has attributed to creating one of the most vast and organized enthusiast bases.

1966 Porsche 911S Performance:
0-60: 7.9 seconds
Top Speed: 155mph

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