Online Car Insurance

Online Car InsuranceOnline car insurance companies took an industry that was not very consumer friendly and turned the tides. Living in New Jersey right before hurricane Sandy impacted our coast residents saw numerous advertisements from large online car insurance companies broadcasting how to file a quick claims to get their car fixed or replaced if we were affected by the storm. We finally have car insurance companies that put just as much emphasis on our claims as they do the premiums they sell us.

Car insurance over the past ten years have been infiltrated by online car insurance companies forcing the traditional firms to either compete or get out of the business. The changes in the insurance business are truly a testament what competition can do to an industry.

The secret to their low premiums and for the most part improved service comes from their efficiencies and larger insurance pools. A large insurance pool allows these companies to spread their risk over their customers.

We have also seen that expansion of specialty car insurance companies online. If we are looking to insure an exotic car, muscle car, sports car, classic car, hot rod or even a race-car, it seems every day there are more options available.

Not all online car insurance companies are obviously good, so this is where we as consumers need to do some research online and with family and friends, since actions speak louder than words. One thing is for sure, online car insurance companies took an industry that scared most people and made it easy.

The above information represents the authors opinion based on personal experiences and does not represent any type of financial advice.

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