Valentine 1 Radar Detector Review

Valentine 1 Radar Detector ReviewThe Valentine 1 radar detector not only provides a unique design, it also has a full set of features that have been created to put the driver in complete control. For over 20 years, Valentine radar detectors have been a mainstay in cars around the world, and their recent One (1) series provides great options for those that would like long-range detection from all directions. Here is a closer inspection at some of the most desirable features of the Valentine One as well as a look at the V1 app.

Being one of the leading manufacturers in any field is no easy task, especially one that is as competitive as radar detectors. As radars and speed traps continue to improve, so must technology housed in radar detectors. This is why Valentine’s researchers continue to improve this device and many place their Valentine 1 series in contention for best overall radar detector.

The two antennae are housed in a sleek black box that is no larger than other similar models on the market, but it does boast quite a few more features and controls. This includes the traditional LED heads-up display that provides drivers with all of the basic information. Nestled directly to the right of the display is the four-way sensor that alerts the driver to the location of lasers and radars. A series of lights along the right side and bottom of the LED also give the driver the ability to see the type of band being used as well as the strength.

On basic road conditions, including those with curves and obstructions, the Valentine 1 performs admirably with the ability to detect all common bands at 2,500 feet or farther. In ideal conditions, the laser detectors can often reach out as far as 11 miles and this device can quickly be tuned to focus on any other K and Ka bands. False alarms are minimal, as is expected with any product coming from the Valentine brand, and can be further reduced with the use of the V1 app.

The V1 app can wirelessly connect to almost any mobile device via Bluetooth and is compatible with all Android and Apple phones and tablets. Once connected, this app will display a wealth of information above and beyond what the radar detector does on its own. In addition to all basic information and controls, users can change volumes, mute the device, gauge the frequency of incoming radars, find multiple radar locations, set priority alerts, and even push false alarms to the background. Users can also run this app in the background, only setting customized notifications when threats are detected.

With the Valentine One, it will be difficult for drivers to pick a feature of this device that they do not find useful. While this radar detector is exceptionally powerful for its price, when used in conjunction with the V1 app drivers have the best chance at avoiding expensive tickets.

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