Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Dector Review

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Dector ReviewWhen GPS units had begun to be placed within radar detectors, the industry seemed to have changed overnight. These devices immediately fell into two distinct categories including GPS and non-GPS units. The Escort Passport 9500ix became the device to beat, and this has left many of those on the search for a new radar detector wondering if this product can stand up to its reputation. For anyone interested in a GPS radar detector that still boasts high-end performance, here is a closer look at the Passport 9500ix from the popular Escort manufacturer.

In other base model radar detectors, setup is generally nothing more than pulling the electronics out of the box, plugging them in, and then turning them on. While setup for the Escort Passport 9500ix is not lengthy chore, it will still require a bit more time than the average radar detector. This begins with basic installation of the device, but users will most likely want to take a look at the owner’s manual in order to setup preferences such as the color of the screen, brightness, the types of alerts to use, and which bands should be detected. This is one of the few radar detectors on the market that does allow for multiple color LEDs that can provide a better view for daytime and nighttime driving or limited visibility from outside of the vehicle.

The 2” wide display on the Escort Passport 9500ix provides alerts at 100 foot increments and works for all bands ranging from K and Ka to the X band on the highway and LIDAR. Depending on a number of outside factors, such as the curve of the road and the detection method, drivers can expect ranges of 2,500 feet to 3,500 feet for all of the traditional bands that are currently used today. In absolutely ideal conditions, such as a straight shot on the highway, LIDAR speed traps can be detected upwards of 6 miles or more.

What truly sets the Escort Passport 9500ix from all other devices is the GPS integration along with the EscortLive program. With the GPS system, drivers can create notes on where traps are for future reference. They can also use the GPS unit to weed out common false alarms for future reference. When the GPS is combined with the EscortLive service, it will come as no surprise why this radar detector is often considered to be one of the best on the market.

EscortLive is an app that is tied to both the radar detector itself and the community of drivers that use Escort products. Any mobile device can wirelessly connect to the 9500ix through a Bluetooth connection which will then be connected to the Escort database. This community can input information ranging from traffic accidents to speed traps and these will be displayed on both the phone and the radar detector itself. When all of these cutting edge features are used in conjunction, drivers will have unparalleled protection from expensive and time consuming tickets.

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